She and He

They were leaving ashamed, She and He. At that moment they didn’t know yet that nobody was banishing them and that they’re actually not leaving paradise. Yes, they were being abandoned – by themselves. For an instance they had let themselves to be deceived by the thought, that they needed to be something greater than they already had been. Now, leaving, they felt belittled.

And only Love looked at them right from their very centre. She did see from there that they were whole, complete, good. And so beautiful! She dried a tear – yes, beautiful – no more, no less.

And how much She wanted to tell them: You are beautiful! Stay! She was hoping they would turn around and see themselves through Her eyes.

As that didn’t happen, She gave them time, for the way. She knew they would need it in order to learn to believe again. Not in Her – well in Her a bit too; that She has never left them. They would need a way more time to learn to believe again – in themselves.

Deeply moved She gazed at them tenderly for a long while. Tenderly means that with sadness and joy in the same time. Joy full of anticipation.

Each farewell carries a seed of return in itself. She knew they would be back.

And what has happened to the snake?

Well, it turned out it had a perfect shape of a garden hose. Tenderly watered the gardens grow into more beauty for their return. For their return home, to themselves.