It’s dawning on the planet of the King. There’re ladies, knights, pages and clowns; whispers, giggles, supernovas’ explosions, that is: of joy.


Eventually even the Rush sat down on the stairs of Serene Cathedral. It was sitting there out of breath for something that felt like endless…


Light years passed by slowly. Some say that the Little Prince neglected himself. The others believe that he took care about himself (finally for Gods…

Silent night

Silent night calmer than ever. Carring peace under its arm. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 90x60cm

Hope and elephants

Hope and elephants like to climb the trees. Coming down to earth they find a way more troublesome.

What do you like most?

– What do you like most? – chair asked table. – I like when you stand right next to me.


He stretched his foot forward looking for a piece of a solid ground to support all that he was carrying within. He did not find…

I asked The Way

I asked the Way: Is it still far? It set up a puddle right in front of me. I fell deeply.

What do you believe in?

– And you? What do you believe in? – I asked the Saint. – In you! I believe in you Dear Rascal! – he gave…

He dreamt

Then he dreamt of sailing around the sun. He took all his disbelief in all impossible along. (He did not believe for example that it…


The hedgehog learned to believe in the hidden meaning of all and it has hidden itself in the leaves.

Across the sky

Across the sky towards amusement I walk. Oil on canvas, 80x110cm

Every night

Every night has got its day. Every day has got its swallows.

And the hare?

And the hare? Waits patiently to bring joyful spring to life.

She let

She let the skies and hopes get cloudy at times. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 90x60cm

And if

And if I speak in the tongues of men or of angels but do not have; the Love would come singing over the rooftops, would…

The apple

The apple does not fall far from the tree. It happens to it though that when in a holiday mood it rolls towards the pear…

Assembled bike

Assembled bike from disassembled hands for Tour de Vie.

Later on

Later on she let the waves play on the beach. Buongiorno! Come stai, fratello? (Good morning! How are you brother?) Oil on canvas, 60x90cm