Landscapes grow

Landscapes grow so fast. Similar growth can be observed among children, dreams and trust.


Seeing happens in a man. Just like not seeing. And an elephant. – An elephant?! – Oh, well sometimes man’s nose is so long that he…

Green Skies

What a day it will be. The rain will fall towards the green skies. The prophets’ dreams will come true (the silly ones first) and…


How to talk about life? Simply: cut out two paper sparrows. And about love? Add infinity to them.


About the cowslips will the dolphins sing to the voice calling in the desert.


Everything will be found. Time. Love. And the whale in the puddle. Big, as huge as you, my joy!


What is life about? Just keep spinning a tale around to see its tail’s collateral beauty.

Madame Puddle

Madame Puddle fullfills herself in the rain. Mixed media on canvas, 60x60cm

In a hut

At the end of the world a hut, full of bright stories, in all of its little glory. Quiet as a mouse the stories sit….

I Believe

I believe that the mind is not against us, it simply does not keep the pace with love.

Two Hedgehogs

Two hedgehogs on the bike to infinity of imagination ride.

I will let

And then I will let the imagination run wild, fly a colorful kite and wink a cordial eye. I will also let all imperfections go…

Fruitful Journey

The journey tends to be fruitful when the elephant in the fine china shop towards tenderness tender steps takes more than once.

Woolen mountain

Wollen mountain rested by the lake. Squatting down. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 120x90cm

And the Great Bear?

And the Great Bear? Where is it rushing? Ah! It’s just drawn to the world.


It’s dawning on the planet of the King. There’re ladies, knights, pages and clowns; whispers, giggles, supernovas’ explosions, that is: of joy.