And the lilacs?

And the lilacs? Quite carefree they are. They know well that the world that lacks the beauty simply cannot happen.

What are you missing?

– What are you missing? – a sparrow asked an elephant. – I do miss your lightness at times. – You know what? Your trumpet…


Apparently there’s no way to make life happen. Though perhaps we can make it laugh a little?

Some say

Some say that time is money. I do believe though that time is love. One moment embraces the other. The place that nestles between them…

The planet of the king

Shortly after Little Prince left the planet of the King it was visited by The Queen Of The Wandering Birds. The King? Hasn’t been able…

Gathering of the waters

And God created the gathering of the waters. And right after that invented the watercolors. And it put Him in a buoyant mood.

Under the firmament

Under the firmament dream about the good times. Oil and acril on canvas, 90x90cm

Faithful to the way

Faithful to the way like a dog I sit down roadside. I become anticipation. There’s a free place by my side. There’s a soft grass…

And the star?

And the star? Faithful to the skies keeps wagging its tail.

Sometime later

Sometime later I will create a sky for you. I will start a sketch somewhere here. | Oil and acrilic on canvas, 40x30cm

She and He

They were leaving ashamed, She and He. At that moment they didn’t know yet that nobody was banishing them and that they’re actually not leaving…