About the cowslips will the dolphins sing to the voice calling in the desert.

In a hut

At the end of the world a hut, full of bright stories, in all of its little glory. Quiet as a mouse the stories sit….

Hope and elephants

Hope and elephants like to climb the trees. Coming down to earth they find a way more troublesome.

She let

She let the skies and hopes get cloudy at times. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 90x60cm

On Easter night

On Easter night, through the hole in the cake, I watch the hopes grow. They grow high.

She and He

They were leaving ashamed, She and He. At that moment they didn’t know yet that nobody was banishing them and that they’re actually not leaving…

And from Mr Hare

And from Mr Hare I learn to keep my chins (or rather ears) up. Good heavens crunch right above our heads.