How to talk about life? Simply: cut out two paper sparrows. And about love? Add infinity to them.


Everything will be found. Time. Love. And the whale in the puddle. Big, as huge as you, my joy!

I Believe

I believe that the mind is not against us, it simply does not keep the pace with love.


Eventually even the Rush sat down on the stairs of Serene Cathedral. It was sitting there out of breath for something that felt like endless…


Light years passed by slowly. Some say that the Little Prince neglected himself. The others believe that he took care about himself (finally for Gods…


He stretched his foot forward looking for a piece of a solid ground to support all that he was carrying within. He did not find…

And if

And if I speak in the tongues of men or of angels but do not have; the Love would come singing over the rooftops, would…

Through heaven He gazed tenderly

Through heaven He gazed tenderly. From there, that is right from the middle of the man, the contours of the separateness dissolved in the ever…

Some say

Some say that time is money. I do believe though that time is love. One moment embraces the other. The place that nestles between them…

She and He

They were leaving ashamed, She and He. At that moment they didn’t know yet that nobody was banishing them and that they’re actually not leaving…

Fairytale with an empty heart

Sometimes it’s challenging to fill the emptiness with the words. Thanks to the tender look under the magnifying glass we will notice that the emptiness…

And perhaps Love?

And perhaps Love can only happen partially and hence it keeps looking for nestling into another part?

I will build a house

I will build a house. It’s roof will be convertible – into a love letter.

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Come I shall tell you

Come I shall tell what I have seen, swayed by the wind, high above the hardship, over the joy and tears.