First we will make up

First we will make up the sky with a kite – we need its infinity to dream. Then we will wait on the porch to see…

Haste and time

He looked very lost. – Who are you? – I asked. – I am Haste – he answered hopping from one foot to another. –…


You know what? I caressed a bee

Dear God You know what? I caressed a bee – I’d been admiring their beautiful fur for quite a while now. I found out that…

How did you learn to fly?

How did you learn to fly? I invented a tree, then I climbed it. And I had no idea how to climb down.

And the tea?

And the tea? It would have gotten bitter if not for the warmth of the kettle.



I went for a walk about the invisible birds. Invisible because always present. Sparrows, pigeons, magpies, jackdaws, grackles and crows. And the ducks waddled on…

I will build a house

I will build a house. It’s roof will be convertible – into a love letter.

El espejo gitano

The old Gypsy legend recalls a story of a holy mirror that scattered into thousands of pieces. Every new generation of the Gypsies wander around…