The apple

The apple does not fall far from the tree. It happens to it though that when in a holiday mood it rolls towards the pear…

Assembled bike

Assembled bike from disassembled hands for Tour de Vie.

Later on

Later on she let the waves play on the beach. Buongiorno! Come stai, fratello? (Good morning! How are you brother?) Oil on canvas, 60x90cm

What is?

What is life all about? Two dogs, one of them blue. Wagging their tails.


First bud. Shaggy catkin. Oil on canvas, 2x60x90cm

Wondrous tales

– And all these flowers? – To weave the wondrous tales! – giggled the wondrous beetle. (And for this care that willingly hides in the…

From dry brunches

Apple pie from dry brunches? Just wait for the autumn gourmet! Watercolor and oil on canvas, 110x80cm


– Let’s doe something beautiful today! – God clasped her holy hands joyfully.

Light stands

Light stands of forest. Forest stands of light. Oil on canvas, 80x110cm

And the steamer?

And the steamer? Used the sail to catch the wind. And that’s about the last they saw of it. (However, dear Renoir saw a little…

He wandered

He wandered. For a year, two, three, seven and seven mountains, woods and rivers. And he arrived. At a conclusion.

On Easter night

On Easter night, through the hole in the cake, I watch the hopes grow. They grow high.

That’s good

(24th or seventh of Marchvember) – That’s good, that’s good – whispered morning good as bread and quickly added: – Good for us!

It’s been a while

It’s been a while now since I saw the lights in the abandoned factory. The gate and the doors are open. I sneak in. Guard:…


Bears like to sleep in the winter. After a good winter rest, life is but a simple quest.

I asked Saint

I asked Saint February what does he dream about. – About March! April! May! Ay! Ya! Ya! Hey! – he sang in answer as underneath…