Peaceable Kingdom

Living in eighteenth and nineteenth century in the United States, (With all my respect to all unions and the people they brought together: United by…

Taming the clouds

Taming the clouds is a bit like taming the heart. How on earth are you supposed to tame the rascal?

To create?

To create? Anything that really matters; the room for the encounter, dialogue, friendship; to create the garden, home, drawing or soup? To create? Means to…

Bright way

Bright way in front of you. Sideways full of laughter. Crossroads filled with dance. And the good heavens. And the daisies. Oil and acrylic on…

Prayer before a nap

PRAYER BEFORE A NAP God teach me to flip the tail of all the earthly matters; make me wring my paws tenderly and often over…

The more

And the more he looked inside, the more Piglet wasn’t there. Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne And the more he looked inside the brighter was…

A sketch?

A sketch? With the thicket that would rather be cut down by many. With the shack that would not impress Mr Herbert on his journeys….

And Mrs Bee?

And Mrs Bee? Fell asleep. Kissing the flowers is quite exhausting.

And the lilacs?

And the lilacs? Quite carefree they are. They know well that the world that lacks the beauty simply cannot happen.

What are you missing?

– What are you missing? – a sparrow asked an elephant. – I do miss your lightness at times. – You know what? Your trumpet…


Apparently there’s no way to make life happen. Though perhaps we can make it laugh a little?

Some say

Some say that time is money. I do believe though that time is love. One moment embraces the other. The place that nestles between them…