He stretched his foot forward looking for a piece of a solid ground to support all that he was carrying within.
He did not find any, just like many times before. He lost his balance and began to fall.
He started to weep that the time had already arrived.
And then he noticed that the falling burden weights nothing at all.
He was not afraid, although this experience had nothing to do with the well known keeping feet firmly on the ground.
There was nothing firm there.
He was surrounded by the warmth that had nothing to do with certainty, and yet he felt safe in it.
Falling down, through something that seemed all eternity, he was slowly beginning to understand,
that the brink of despair is only as far as one step away from the infinity of love.
And that tears always fall in love, that in love ones falls, that all failures fail into her.
Falling down he was finding all of his lost ways too.
He was a bit surprised at first as they did not seem to be lost at all.
With the time passing he stopped wondering why, and started wondering just because.
And he stopped writing.
And he climbed out into the sunlight.