Light stands

Light stands of forest. Forest stands of light. Oil on canvas, 80x110cm

And the steamer?

And the steamer? Used the sail to catch the wind. And that’s about the last they saw of it. (However, dear Renoir saw a little…

He wandered

He wandered. For a year, two, three, seven and seven mountains, woods and rivers. And he arrived. At a conclusion.

On Easter night

On Easter night, through the hole in the cake, I watch the hopes grow. They grow high.

That’s good

(24th or seventh of Marchvember) – That’s good, that’s good – whispered morning good as bread and quickly added: – Good for us!

It’s been a while

It’s been a while now since I saw the lights in the abandoned factory. The gate and the doors are open. I sneak in. Guard:…


Bears like to sleep in the winter. After a good winter rest, life is but a simple quest.

I asked Saint

I asked Saint February what does he dream about. – About March! April! May! Ay! Ya! Ya! Hey! – he sang in answer as underneath…

And the Wise Men?

And the Wise Men? Did their find the Star in their books? Rather did they see it through a hole in the whole! The wisdom…

Sometimes the faraway

Sometimes the faraway happen to be quite close; all you need is to take a closer look inside the pantry – hummed Winnie the Pooh…


The bountiful harvest will fill the winter days tenderly. Oil on canvas, 80x110cm

And to you?

– And to you? What can I give you? – Give me a kiss – Mrs Nicholas whispered to Mr Nicholas.


A stone thrown into the water passes effortlessly through the depths. Oil on canvas, 80x110cm

Through heaven He gazed tenderly

Through heaven He gazed tenderly. From there, that is right from the middle of the man, the contours of the separateness dissolved in the ever…

Peaceable Kingdom

Living in eighteenth and nineteenth century in the United States, (With all my respect to all unions and the people they brought together: United by…